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Printmaker, Book artist


Born in Finland 1959
Lived in Kyoto, Japan 1989-2012

Member of
The Association of Finnish Printmakers
The International Ukiyo-e Society, Japan
Woodcut Artists Society, Finland

My art works are based on old and new stories, sciences, art history and various mysteries of human life. Besides my printmaking and book art I also work as a freelance writer and graphic designer. I have had several solo and group exhibitions in Finland since 1980 and in Japan since 1990. I also have participated in many group exhibitions in Europe, USA and Canada. Studying Japanese language and old woodblock prints is my continuous passion. I never get tired in examining the dictionaries and ensyclopedies to find out their secrets.

1981 Graduated from Kankaanpaa School of Fine Art (Finland), Department of Printmaking
1989 Graduated from the University of Jyvaskyla (Finland),Department of Art Education, MA
1989-1991 Research student at Kyoto Seika University (Japan), Department of Printmaking and Papermaking
1994-96 Private studies in Japanese and Western bookbinding in Kyoto and Osaka, Japan
1996-97 Private studies in European bookbinding and paper conservation in Florence, Italy
2013 Gained PhD degree (Doctor of Arts) at Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Helsinki (Finland)


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